Although we provide traditional accounting service as listed below, we have harnessed the internet to provide specialized business management services for bookkeeping, bill pay and banking.  Let us be your personal assistant to do all your recordkeeping, bill payments, budgeting, investment analysis and planning.  Using the internet we are able to maintain all records online accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.  The power of the internet allows for approval of expenses before payment and to have documents archived and available for inspection.  Our office will prepare monthly reports of income, expenses and cash flows for your review.  These reports can be mailed monthly or be accessed online.  Contact us if you want more information about this service.

The following are services provided by our firm.
         Preparation of financial statements 
         Accounting and Bookkeeping Services
         Financial Planning and Projections
         Cash Flow Analysis
         Fraud Prevention and Detection
         Tax Preparation and Compliance
         Nonprofit Public Charities and Private Foundations
         Tax Planning and Projections
         Tax Audit Representation
         Evaluating Business Opportunities
         Designing Business Plans
         Product Analysis and Planning
         Seeking Investment Capital
         Assistance in Negotiations
         Analysis of financial investments
         Income Tax Planning
         Retirement and Estate Planning
         Asset Protection Planning
         Insurance Analysis